déi jonk gréng – Letter to Turkish Ambassador

We just sent the following letter to the ambassador of Turkey in Luxembourg:

His Excellency Mr Celalettin Kart
The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey
Turkish Embassy in Luxembourg
49, rue Siggy vu Lëtzebuerg
L-1933 Luxembourg

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

déi jonk gréng are utterly shocked by the tremendously harsh and brutal methods applied by the Turkish Police Forces against their own people during protests againts cutting trees in Gezi Park, Istanbul.

During the three days of the protests police used extreme forces; targeting the protesters to be injured. On May 30th, police burned the personal belongings of the protesters: tents, books, musical instruments. The police has been continuously attacking the protesters since 05:00 am, more than 25 people are heavily injured; more than 100 are in the hospitals. Two members of the Turkish Parliament (Sırrı Süreyya Önder -BDP-, Sezgin Tanrıkulu) are heavily injured, one of them is still at the hospital. We are strongly condemning the unprecedented violence and brutality used by Turkish Police forces and call upon you to intervene and appeal the Turkish Government to guarantee the protesters their right of assembly, expression and movement, as well as their right to preserve their integrity, granted by the Turkish Constitution.

Article 56 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey states: ‚Everyone has the right to live in a healthy, balanced environment. It is the duty of the state and citizens to improve the natural environment, and to prevent environmental pollution‘. We hope that you will forward this message to the Turkish Government as you might be aware of the severe violence that the protesters are facing. Allow us to express our deepest sympathy to the victims of this ordeal.

We thank you for your consideration of this crucial matter.

Yours sincerely,

déi jonk gréng

Veröffentlicht: 15:53 01/06/2013